Arctic Trellis Shawl Free Knitting Pattern

Hey , I’ve got another Spring pattern for you. It’s called Arctic Trellis, and it sounds way Spring-ish, right? No? Well, I had to call it that since I’m working on it while there are several inches of snow here on the ground here in the Seattle area. (But sending prayers to those of you in Texas right now who are persevering against much crazier winter madness.)

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Arctic Shawl knitting

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Check out this super-easy lace stitch:

Arctic Shawl knitting
…and my snowy backyard.

Arctic Trellis is one of those simple one-skein patterns to show off that cake of sock yarn that really needs to be showcased on your shoulders rather than keeping your feet toasty.  (Not that I have anything against socks; they’re my favorite thing to knit in the whole world.)



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I used this skein of Darjeeling Sock (Ravelry link) from Earl Grey Fiber Company. This delightful color is called Autumn Skies. Of course it is.

Arctic Trellis is a simple triangle shawl worked from one corner to the opposite edge. It is made up of a garter section with a simple, easy-to-memorize lace pattern. Gauge is not essential, but use a larger needle for a nice drape and an open lace section. My finished measurements were about 70 inches across and 20 inches deep, with a size 4 needle.

Other materials that you’ll need are a tapestry needle for weaving in ends and blocking supplies like a mat and wires. You’re gonna want to do some heavy duty blocking to get that lace to submit.

Arctic Shawl knitting

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I hope you enjoy this quick and easy knit. You’re going to want to sport that beautiful skein of sock wool when the weather warms up a tad bit.

Arctic Trellis has only been tested by me. Please contact me (Ravelry link) with any questions, comments, or errors.

Download here: ArcticTrellis

Stay cool (but warm!),

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