Brumous – Sweater Knitting Tutorial

Brumous (adj.) – Of grey skies and winter days; filled with heavy clouds or fog: relating to winter or  cold, sunless weather.

Brumous knitting sweater

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Man, what a crazy start to the new year, huh?


LOL. Hard pass, thanks. I may already be over 2021.

Instead, I’ve been (at least trying to be) in the Zen Zone, knitting away.

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Anyway, onward, to my next sweater recipe.

I never knew there was a word that describes my perfect weather day until I came across brumous.  Good thing I like it, as it’s this way most of the year here in the Pacific Northwest. And I thought this sweater conjured up sentiments of clouds, rain, and all my favorite meteorological events.

This isn’t really a pattern…

It’s a tutorial. Make this sucker any size you want. I provide estimates on the amount of wool you’ll need, but you may have to wing it if you’re making a smaller or larger size , or using a different gauge.

Brumous is a sideways sweater that is constructed in a way so that you can try it on (or try it on your recipient) as you go. The front is worked in two rectangles that are grafted together in the center. The back is worked the same way. Once the shoulders are seamed, you can determine how deep you want the armholes. Finally, stitches are picked up for the neck, sleeves, and bottom band. Easy-peasy.

Brumous knitting sweater

My sample was made with Dream in Color City (Ravelry link) at a gauge of 4 stitches/inch and a finished bust circumference of 37 inches. I kind of cropped it as well. You can make it in any gauge or  size you want; again, wool amounts will need to be adjusted. Just take a couple of measurements and knit a swatch, and you’re ready to go.

When everything else in the world seems complicated, knitting a sweater should be easy and bring joy, amirite?



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Download here: Brumous1

The tutorial has not been tested. Please contact me (Ravely link) with any questions, comments, or if you find any errors.

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