Jack-O Garter Mosaic Knit Washcloth

It’s almost here folks. The best time of the year. You know, falling leaves, pumpkin spice, rain, football, crisp air. And Halloween. And to  celebrate, I’ve got this jolly jack-o-lantern washcloth pattern to get you into the spirit.

Jack-O Pattern

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Jack-O is a garter stitch, mosaic knit washcloth that is created by working one color at a time and slipping stitches to create the design.  It’s an easy and entertaining  method that uses only one color per row, making it a great colorwork technique to start out with.

Size and gauge aren’t critical. The sample turned out at about 10 x 10 inches.


I like worsted cotton for washcloths. For this one, I used Peaches & Creme in colors Black (50 yards), Bright Orange (40 yards), and Rosemary(8 yards). Traditional, I know, but maybe you want to make a purple Jack-O. Now that I think about it, that’d be pretty cool.

Peaches & Creme yarn black orange rosemary

You’ll also need size US 7 Needles or whatever is recommended for your yarn.  And a tapestry needle comes in handy for weaving in those ends.

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The Jack-O pattern includes a color chart AND line-by-line written instructions. It can be purchased here for $2.50.

Please feel free to contact me at tara@megapteraknits.com with any questions or comments.

Happy Autumn!

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