Rubus Sleeveless Top – Knitting Tutorial

I’ve got another great summer top tutorial available: Rubus Sleeveless Top. It’s worked sideways and has a cute little stitch pattern that runs down the front. It reminds me of raspberries. They’re all over at the markets here now.

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Rubus top

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Check it out:

Rubus stitch pattern

The stitch video is here.

Rubus is a stockinette garment worked sideways, from side to center, in four separate panels, with underarm rows added later. Short rows and increases/decreases are used for shaping. I created this tutorial so that it could be made in pretty much any size and gauge. I’ll repeat: no specific sizes and gauges are provided. You get to take your own measurements, determine your own gauge from a knitted swatch, and calculate your own numbers. I like to be flexible that way.

Rubus top


Yarn: Whatever you like to wear for summer. The amount will depend on your yarn, size, and gauge. I used Plymouth Yarn Tussah Kissed. My gauge measured 5 stitches and 7 rows per inch, with a 39-inch chest circumference.

Approximate amounts at a similar gauge are as follows:

Finished bust size (inches)  




















Total yarn amount (yards)  




















Thicker yarns will require less yardage; thinner yarns, more. I’m happy to help you determine amounts for significantly different gauges.

Needles: Long circular needles in whatever size is appropriate for your yarn to give you a nice drape. I used size US5 for the main body and US4 for the neck and bottom edgings.

Other items needed are stitch markers, tapestry needle for weaving in ends, and a good notebook to keep track of everything. And a calculator. But don’t worry, the math is easy.

Construction of Rubus

Rubus is worked in several pieces sideways, in this order:

  1. Work front right panel from side to center of front.
  2. Work front left panel from side to center of front.
  3. Graft front right and left panels together.
  4. Work back left panel from side to center of back.
  5. Work back right panel from side to center of back.
  6. Graft back right and left panels together.
  7. Sew front shoulders to back shoulders.
  8. Pick up stitches from left front side and work desired number of rows, then graft to back left.
  9. Pick up stitches from right back, work desired number of rows, then graft to front right.
  10. Add neck, arm, and bottom edges if desired

That’s it! Once you have your measurements and numbers, you’re ready to roll.

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Have a great rest of the summer.

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