Aeonian Cowl – A Free Knitting Pattern

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Color combination is my knitting jam. I also like interesting stitch patterns. Which is why I was so intrigued with this post from Fringe Association.

Aeonian Cowl knitting

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The FA post is several years old, but since I first came across it, I’ve wanted to recreate the pattern. After some trial and error, I came up with something that at least resembles it.

Aeonain cowl

Using the stitch pattern, I created Aeonian Cowl. I thought a cowl would be the perfect project, because have you looked outside lately here in the Seattle area?

Snowy trail
Seattle snow, you’re beautiful, but you can stop now.

The Two Stitch Patterns

Important: Before you start knitting, read the section after the second video below.

Aeonian Cowl uses two stitch patterns; a knit section and a purl section that incorporate two strands in two different ways.

Aeonian Cowl

Purl Sections

The purl sections form the space between the diamonds. The stitches are made with the Contrasting Color (blue) while the Main Color (white) is “anchored” in each purl stitch. Here’s how it’s done:

At the beginning of each purl section, the Contrasting Color will be in the front of the work. Leave it there.

purl section

Bring the Main Color to the front and to the left of the Contrasting Color.

purl section

purl section

The Main Color will stay in front for the purl section, but will be “caught” in each purl stitch to anchor it down, as follows:

While holding the Main Color out of the way, purl the first stitch.

purl section

purl section

For the second stitch (and every even stitch in the purl section), when you insert your needle into the stitch purlwise, place the Main Color over the right needle before purling the stitch.

purl section

Alternate these two steps. You can see that the Main Color is being trapped by the Contrasting Color purl stitches.

purl section

When you get to the end of the purl section, without twisting the yarns, place the Main Color to the back.

purl section



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Knit Sections

The knit sections form the diamond shapes.  The knit stitches are done with the Main Color (white) while weaving the Contrasting Color (blue) through. Here is how it’s done:

At the beginning of each knit section, the Contrasting Color will be in the front of the work, and the Main Color will be in the back.

Leave the Contrasting Color in front while knitting the first knit section stitch.

Aeonian Cowl knit section

Place the Contrasting Color in the back of the work, then knit the second stitch.

Aeonian Cowl knit section

Continue this method of weaving the Contrasting Color back and forth while knitting.

Note that the the Contrasting Color will be in the front for each first and last stitch of each knit section.



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This is extremely important. I mean it, read this before starting.

The weaving of the contrasting color in the knit sections creates almost non-existent horizontal stretch. That’s why it’s extremely important, when switching between knit and purl sections, to spread out your stitches on your right needle as much as you can. Kind of like this:

Aeonian Cowl

Seriously. Pull and stretch out those knit stitches while allowing the Contrasting Color strand to stretch between the knit stitches. If you don’t, you’ll get something like the bottom cowl in this picture:

Aeonian Cowl

You can see that the diamond shapes are distorted and the ends of the cowl sort of bow inward. I tried blocking it into shape, but of course a strand of yarn can only stretch so far (which is not very, in this case).

You may have a similar issue, but to a lesser extent, in the purl sections, so just believe me, take your time, and stretch out your stitches after completing each section. Especially the knit sections. I really can’t stress this enough. You’ve been warned, LOL.

Aeonian Cowl Pattern

Size and Gauge

Cowl is approximately 28 inches in circumference. Make it longer or shorter by adding or subtracting chart repeats.

Gauge: 4 stitches/inch


100 yards of Main Color. I used Quince & Co. Owl in Natural.

80 yards of Contrasting Color. I used Quince and Co. Owl in Barents Sea.

Size US7 and US9 24-inch length circular needles

Stitch marker


Using smaller needles, cast on 112 stitches. Work 4 rounds of 1×1 ribbing.

Switch to larger needles. Work chart one time with a total of eight chart repeats per round.

Switch to smaller needles. Work 4 rounds of 1×1 ribbing.

Cast off loosely, weave in ends and block.

Aeonian Cowl chart


Purl across with Contrasting Color, anchoring Main Color in stitches as shown above.

Knit with Main Color while holding Contrasting Color in front of work as shown above.

Knit with Main Color while holding Contrasting Color in back of work as shown above.

Another Version

Using Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter, I created the green and brown  variation shown above.



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The pattern is similar to the other one. Cast on 110 stitches though, and work 5 repeats of each round of the chart.

Aeonian Cowl chart

Check out the “wrong” side:

Aeonian Cowl wrong side

Fun, right?

I haven’t decided which color combo I like better. More contrast or less contrast between the colors? What do you think?

UPDATE: Downloadable .pdf here: Aeonain Cowl 

Have a great day, and I’d be ever so grateful for your shares if you like it!

Pattern has only been tested by me. Please feel free to contact me here or at Ravelry with any questions or comments.