Eira Shawl and the Stanton Brioche Stitch

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I started this shawl about a year ago, then gave up on it. I  couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted, so it needed a time-out. A year time-out apparently.

Well, I picked it out of the discard pile recently and got back to work. And I’m pretty happy with the result.

While working on it, I waited for a name to come to me. Then the Universe provided a name by dumping a ridiculously large amount of snow on the Seattle area. Eira is a female name in Wales and means “snow” in the Welsh language.

Eira shawl knitting brioche

Eira shawl incorporates the super-cool reversible 2-color Stanton Brioche stitch created by Nancy Marchant in her Knitting Brioche book. I love this book, and highly recommend being comfortable with regular Brioche before attempting a modified version of the stitch.

knitting eira shawl stanton brioche stitch

The Stanton Brioche stitch is a combination of purls and slipped stitches with the contrasting color; and a combination of slipped stitches and Brioche knit stitches with the main color. The slipped stitches create a slipped stitch that is surrounded by TWO yarn-overs, while the Brioche knit stitches knit together the stitch with its TWO yarn-overs. I think it creates a more lacy look than regular Brioche.

If you’re familiar with regular Brioche, the Stanton stitch won’t be a problem.

I started the shawl with a triangle made from placing yarn-overs at the beginning of each row. The top of the triangle is bound off and the yarn-overs are then picked up and knit to create the rest of the shawl.

Eira shawl brioche knitting stanton stitch

I’m currently finalizing the pattern and plan to have it uploaded to Ravelry soon. If anyone is interested in test-knitting it, please let me know!

The snow is finally starting to melt here in the Seattle area. I hope it’s done for the year. Who else is ready for Spring and farmers markets and road-trips to the ocean?

Eira shawl brioche knitting stanton stitch